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Clojure Web Infrastructure

Thanks for visiting.  Since originally creating this page I’ve created a new site for tracking Clojure Libraries.  You can find it over at  In particular the ‘Web Server Libraries‘ section would be of interest to those looking for libraries for use in web development with Clojure.

  1. Nice post.

    Pallet and jclouds are definitely worth a mention in the ‘infrastructure’ layer of that cake:

  2. For routing there’s also Clout on the routing side. It only does the matching portion, but it’s very handy.

    There might be another new addition getting open sourced in a few days time that will be worth adding here.

  3. Wow, I can write redundantly with the best of them: “for routing… on the routing side.” haha

  4. Great article!

    I’d also like to throw in a suggestion for the templating section:

  5. Obviously not a prime concert, but boy does this create a high barrier-to-entry for us Clojure newbs wanting to make some interwebs!

  6. Malcolm Sparks permalink

    For the generating the proper HTTP response codes there is also plugboard:

  7. Don’t forget Brenton’s Sandbar library, which most likely fits under “Validation” above:

  8. Matt Revelle permalink

    There’s also rest-serv for providing a RESTful interface to stored resources. Useful for interfacing between a k/v store and a web or mobile app.

    Another option for web app deployment is Crane.

  9. For NoSQL database access (CouchDB in particular) you can use clojure-couchdb:

  10. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I’ve updated the article with all the new links everyone has provided. Let me know if you have any more.

  11. Anon permalink

    In addition to clojure-couchdb there is clutch, which once upon a time (months ago) was said to have more complete features.

  12. We just released a new tool for making RESTful APIs. It’s a Clojure port of WebMachine called Clothesline, and the source is up at

    It acts as a ring handler (so some of the states and functions in Webmachine are only vestigial), but the webmachine model does have a lot of perks even if it sits underneath middleware.

  13. I’ll try to get another update out today. There are a bunch of NoSQL projects that I’m missing as well. I’ve been surprised by the number of projects that are out there. There is certainly plenty of choice.

  14. So great a post that helpful for clojure beginners

  15. shane clauson permalink

    Glen, you rock, as usual.

  16. Great to see folks embracing a truly de-coupled approach to building web applications. IMHO, we have too many frameworks that are billed as “silver bullets” for web application development; this kind of list should be seen as a challenge to that notion.

    Thanks for compiling this information!

  17. Paul M Bauer permalink

    Thank you for the descriptions and chart – great resource.
    Clothesline would better fit under REST (rather than validation).

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