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Magit keybindings

June 23, 2012

Having decided that Magit is the bee’s knees you’ll probably want to know the keyboard shortcuts.  Here are the most common ones:

  • C-c g Start magit (M-x magit-status)
  • s   Stage file
  • S   Stage all files
  • u   Unstage file
  • c   Commit staged files. C-c C-c after writing commit message or C-c C-k to abort. C-c C-a sdlkfjlkdfj
  • b b   To switch to a branch
  • b m   Rename branch
  • b d   Delete branch
  • b v   List branches (can checkout from resultant screen using RET)
  • P P   Git push
  • f f   Git fetch
  • F F   Git pull
  • TAB   Shows diff of file in the list or expand collapse section. Stage and unstage actually work on bits of the diff as well.
  • i   Ignore file (adds to .gitignore)
  • k   Delete. Deletes untracked file and stashes (on section header it deletes all untracked files). If you’re positioned in a diff for an uncommited file you can also delete just the hunk.
  • l l   Show history
  • l L   Show history in verbose format
  • t t   Make lightweight tag
  • t a   Make annotated tag
  • x   Revert commit history to entered revision
  • z z   Create a stash
  • a   Apply a stash
  • A   Apply the stash and pop it off the stash list
  • z s   Creates a snapshot (the stash gets created but the working tree is not deleted.
  • w   Show how other branches related to the current one
  • m m   Start merging. In the event of conflicts resolve changes using e then stage with s.
  • R   Starts a rebase R c will continue a rebase. Stage resolved conflicts before continuing.

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