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Using magit to do my git commits

June 22, 2012

Magit is a fantastic Emacs extension for managing git commits.  If you’re an emacs and git user you definitely want to check it out.  If you’re not constantly working inside Emacs though it can be a pain to fire it up, invoke magit then run your magit commands.  I often find myself on the command line wanting to do a quick commit.  To avoid running more steps than absolutely necessary I set up a simple alias:

alias magit=’emacs -nw –eval “(progn (magit-status \”.\”) (delete-other-windows))”‘

This fires up emacs in terminal mode and invokes magit automatically.   Since magit tends to split the frame into two windows I’ve included a command to close the non-magit window by default.

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One Comment
  1. alias magit=’emacsclient -c -e “(magit-status \”$PWD/\”)”‘

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