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Simple Macro Followup

June 17, 2010

Nguyen (sorry wordpress stuffed up your name) offered up a simplified version of the cond macro. Behold:

(defmacro condd [pred & clauses]
  `(letfn [(predd# [test-expr# expr#]
                   (->> test-expr# ~pred))]
          (condp predd# nil

If we macro expand it:

(macroexpand-1 '(condd is-two?
                       1 (print "was one")
                       2 (print "was two")))

We get (after cleaning it up):

(letfn [(predd [test-expr expr]
               (->> test-expr is-two?))]
       (condp predd nil
              1 (print "was one")
              2 (print "was two")))

Which is pretty much the same like writing the following:

(condp (fn [expr _] (->> expr is-two?)) nil
       1 (print "was one")
       2 (print "was two"))

So it seems than condp can be bent to our will by passing nil as the expression then ignoring it in the predicate function. Thanks Nguyen.

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