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May 5, 2008

I think my favourite blog at the moment would be Charles Nutter’s. You can always count on him for enthusiastic informative postings. It isn’t hard to tell he loves his job – it comes through very strongly in his posts. His last post was a pearler. In it he talks about call site optimizations and the massive improvements they have made in the current Groovy 1.6 beta builds.

As I’ve posted in the past I’ve been impressed by the flexibility of Groovy. In spite of this I’ve been reluctant to recommend it for anything particularly heavy duty as it’s really way too slow. I expect a language as dynamic as Groovy to be slow however Groovy 1.5 is _very_ _very_ slow so it’s great to read about some the improvements in this area. I’m sure Groovy will never be a speed demon, it was never made for that – but if they get can to the level of being _fast enough_ then that will be awesome.

One thing his post has done for me has shown that the Java virtual machine has got real promise. Perhaps one day Java will no longer be the primary language we use to access the JVM. Perhaps one day it will be the platform that gets all attention regardless of whether it is JRuby, Python or Groovy we use do the actual programming. Either way the Java HotSpot compiler is an amazing piece of technology that I’m sure will continue to have a strong future.

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