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Java Platform Languages

June 22, 2007

Increasingly there seems to be a move towards language alternatives that function on the Java (VM) Platform. Personally I think the platform itself is the best thing about Java. The language while adequate has never really particularly inspiring. Certainly when I started coding Java it was a big step up from the horrible VB 3.0 language that was my bread and butter but even at that time it was certainly not the pinnacle of language design.

These days we’re seeing more and more options on the JVM. JRuby, JPython, Scala, Groovy and many other lesser known options. It remains to be seen how well these will be adopted. I suspect JRuby will become more popular as an option for Ruby developers. The IDE support being built into NetBeans will mean great tool support. Tool support is frequently one of the missing options with alternative languages.

These days I’m actually doing more Javascript than Java. Thank goodness for Firebug. Good tools can make all the difference.

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