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Product Activation Sucks

April 15, 2007

Charles at the fish bowl has had a rather nasty run-in with product activation when he tried to reactivate his newsreader NewsFire.

The really annoying thing about product activation is that it doesn’t actually seem to stop anyone from pirating any software but treats the people who actually pay for the product like criminals.

I’ve had my own little problems with product activation. I purchased a handy little ftp/scp/webdav utility called web drive. At the time it didn’t include product activation however later I was entitled to an upgrade to a new version that did include product activation. Unfortunately the product activation does not work through a proxy which was the only way to activate it on the machine I was on. I thought about contacting them to try and get it sorted out but really it was just a cheap little utility that wasn’t worth the effort in the end. Had they not included product activation I’d probably still be using it and paying for upgrades.

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