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January 29, 2007

I was watching the morning news show this morning and the topic of Vista came up. The local gadget guy was reviewing Vista with the help of some Microsoftians. The question was about what’s new in Vista and whether it was worth upgrading.

To summarize all these guys could come up with was three points about why it was worth upgrading:

  1. Alt-tab now lets you see the previews of windows as you tab from one application to another
  2. A new picture manager that let you zoom in and out with your thumbnails
  3. Album covers in Windows Media Player

That was it! Well I’m sure there must be other reasons but it struck me just how little Vista offers over Windows XP.

This morning I just read about the new upgrade system that makes it even less appealing to make the switch. This from Ars Technica:

Upgrade versions of Windows Vista Home Basic, Premium, and Starter Edition will not install on any PC unless Windows XP or Windows 2000 is already on the machine in question. In years previous, upgrade versions of Windows could be installed on any PC. If a PC did not have an older version of Windows installed, users could provide an older installation CD of Windows for verification. After dropping a qualifying CD in the CD-ROM drive, the installation routine would verify the disc and you’d be on your way. With this approach, one could use an “upgrade” copy of Windows to lay a new Windows install on a computer. This is no longer permitted.

What were they thinking? So now if you want to do a fresh install you need to first install XP then install Vista. Installing takes long enough as it is. What happens if they keep this for the next version after Vista? Will you need to install XP then two upgrades? It makes no sense to make this change.

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  1. Of course they didn’t tell you the most compelling reason to upgrade, which is that there will be no more service packs for XP, and then it will be end of lifed shortly after that, leaving folks with no option but to upgrade. Especially if you want up to date drivers or any patch other than a vital security patch. DRM here we come…

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